Event Security

Due to the risk landscape constantly changing, it has become even more challenging to put on large-scale, special events. Yet, large companies continue to organize complex events. Because each event is unique, each carries its own set of dynamics, requirements, and challenges.Though the task of ensuring safety can seem daunting, Spotlight Security Services  has the experience to meet all your special event security needs no matter how large or complex the event.Spotlight Security Services puts into consideration reasonable amount of time and preparation during even planning and the following are taken into consideration to make any event a successful one.
* Observes and reports activities and incidents at an assigned client site, providing for the security and safety of   client property and personnel.
* Makes periodic patrols to check for irregularities and to inspect protection devices and fire control equipment.
* Preserves order and may act to enforce regulations and directives for the site pertaining to personnel, visitors, and premises.
* Controls access to client site or facility through the admittance process.
* Patrols assigned site on foot or in vehicle; checks for unsafe conditions, hazards, unlocked doors, security violations, blocked entrances and exits, and unauthorized persons.
* Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents, emergencies, or security investigations.
* Responds to incidents of fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator emergency, hazardous materials, inclement weather, and other incidents.
* Prepares logs and reports as required for the clients to have a fair idea of the activities that ensured at his or he blind side.